Lone Peak Transportation has a mission to retain Montana hospitality that is very rapidly being lost in the Bozeman region. Our commitment, is to offer a premium and welcoming product at a fair market price, that you would expect to find in Montana. This is a locally grown and operated company. We are NOT a Utah based company with questionable temp workers for drivers. 

At LPT, we are redefining car service in Bozeman. We do not operate in black Suburbans, that is a tired cliché. Instead, you will find a white Chevy Traverses. These SUVs provide a more agile ride, an aggressive appearance, competitive comfort for you, and more than 25% better efficiency that allows us to keep our prices down without compromising elsewhere. In the Winter, our Car Service SUVs are AWD and equipped with studded snow tires to provide the safest ride possible, even in the worst conditions. Our commitment to retaining Montanan values remains paramount. 

About the Owner: 

Yes, I am young. In fact, I am currently the youngest to do this in Bozeman. At only 26, I am competing with people twice my age every day. Age was my only block to expand into my own company sooner. A motivated entrepreneur cannot get a reliable insurance policy in livery/transportation prior to them being 25. At 25, I launched LPT fully insured and licensed. Note, with new Montana legislation, livery companies are not required to carry adequate insurance or licensing. Even if you don't choose me, please pick a company that is insured. I have extensive experience in commercial driving during Montana winters. While I was attending Montana State University, I drove freight winter seasonally across Montana. Additionally, I have been on the people side of transportation since 2017. 

In the rare times I am not working, in the Fall and Winter, you will find me at Montana State athletic events. In the Spring and Summer, you can find me in a field in Kansas chasing tornadoes, yes, I know, it is crazy. 

I do appreciate you perusing this website. I hope to one day welcome you to Big Sky Country and show you Car Service, Redefined. 

-Spencer Armlin, Owner